Amy Zavatto grew up a butcher’s daughter and Italian winemaker’s granddaughter, which gave her an appreciation for food and respect for the artisans who produce it. Zavatto’s fifth book about wine, spirits and cocktails, Prosecco Made Me Do It, is a small and whimsical cocktail book full of 60 sparkling wine recipes. Not to be confused with Champagne, which only refers to wine produced in the Champagne region of France, Prosecco is a semi-sparkling Italian white wine essential to classics like spritzes and variations on the Bellini. Although Zavatto’s book includes traditional recipes like the Rossini, made with three parts Prosecco and one part strawberry purée, there are new twists on old favorites like The Green Eyes, a take on the classic Gin Fizz, made with green chartreuse and a Granny Smith apple. Every recipe is paired with a playful illustration by Ruby Taylor, making the drinks even more bubbly.

By Amy Zavatto,