Food writer Jenny Linford calls mushrooms “nature’s miniature sculptures,” and she explores the myriad varieties in her new cookbook, Mushrooms. The breadth of fungi options means the recipes also are wonderfully varied. Alongside essays ranging from meeting mushroom growers to mushrooms in folklore, you’ll find recipes using everything from “humble” cultivated button mushrooms to chanterelles and even coveted truffles. Linford begins with a guide to 26 wild and cultivated mushroom types.

The rest of the book is divided into small bites and shareable plates; soups and stews; grains, rice and pasta; meat, poultry and fish; salads and vegetable dishes; and eggs and cheese. Make pappardelle with beef and porcini ragu, or go light with a mushroom, fig, spinach and Feta salad. Linford’s essays are full of interesting tidbits, too: For instance, President Harry S. Truman was presented with a 5½ pound truffle when he visited Italy’s famed truffle region in 1951. Use less-expensive truffle oil for the truffled mushroom lasagna with rosemary and sage. The book also has you covered with tips on how to store dried and fresh mushrooms, plus a primer on preserving mushrooms at home.

Mushrooms by Jenny Linford,

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