Caroline Khoo, made famous by her pretty and pink online dessert boutique Nectar and Stone, released her first cookbook, I’m Just Here for Dessert, in January. Layered like a cake, as Khoo describes it, each chapter is a true visual journey, showcasing her prowess in fashion and creative design – the very things that make her desserts so memorable. Accustomed to eating in style, Khoo arranges new flowers throughout her home every week, which helps her to develop her floral aesthetic and creative flow when testing a new recipe.

Her recipes include tips for executing design: For instance, topping cotton-candy cupcakes with edible violas or glazing donuts with a rosewater ombré icing. Khoo makes many sweets in an “eeni meeni” version – easy to eat, elegant and inviting. “Dessert has a place in its setting: Sometimes it’s there to be enjoyed and celebrated by family and friends, other times it’s a singular, self-indulgent experience,” she writes. Whether you’re trying your hand at inventive meringues or mastering the basics, Khoo’s tips and tricks will help you create something truly beautiful.

I'm Just Here For Dessert, by Caroline Khoo,

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