Everyone knows the drill: going to the grocery store means unpacking your new haul and pushing last week’s forgotten leftovers to the back of the fridge. This routine is common in the ebb and flow of busy lives, but author, cook and food writer Victoria Glass wants to help readers get out of their ruts and find new ways to use food that would otherwise find a home in the garbage. In her new cookbook, Too Good to Waste: How to Eat Everything, Glass admits she is no saint when it comes to minimizing food waste, and she doesn’t expect readers to be, either.

Instead, Glass provides practical ideas and recipes that can help fresh produce last longer, and give new life to items that you might be too quick to toss out. Recipes share what to do with excess bean pods (green-pea-pod gazpacho and broad-bean-pod fritters with Sriracha mayonnaise), how to give brown overripe bananas another chance (banana and rum-crème caramel), what to do with extra cooked rice (nutmeg rice tart) and how to make unexpected dishes from scraps (bone marrow toffee). Glass aims to provide an inspiring approach to making the best with what you already have, and that’s exactly what this creative cookbook accomplishes.

By Victoria Glass, penguinrandomhouse.com

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