The health-food world is littered with remnants of bygone fads, questionable advice and flavorless recipes; Laura Lea Goldberg wants to do away with those forever. Frustrated by an industry built on trendy, one-size-fits-all diets, the certified holistic chef started LL Balanced, a recipe website dedicated to healthy, home-cooked meals aimed at everyday cooks.

Now, in The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook, Goldberg provides not only recipes, but the framework to understand them. She lays out her favorite ingredients, techniques, tips and tricks for a balanced lifestyle, in terms understandable even for nutrition novices. The recipes are divided into sections: “snack-itizers,” beverages and smoothies, breakfast, bakery, sides, lunch and dinner entrées, salads and soups, and desserts.

The offerings range from simple (the Mexican-inspired version of Bolognese boasts an active time of five minutes) to mildly challenging, but all are achievable for the determined home cook. Make the barbecue shrimp and quinoa grits for a healthier take on the classic dish, or try the smoothie-bowl variation of LL’s Daily Green Smoothie for a morning boost.

The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook by Laura Lea Goldberg,

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