Cave Vineyard Biscotti

The 12 or so flavors of made-from-scratch biscotti from Cave Vineyard are meant to be dunked in coffee or wine.

Laura Oliver, tasting room manager of Cave Vineyard in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, says the inspiration for the winery’s biscotti bar is rooted in her family’s Italian heritage. In Italy, the almond-flavored pastry is dunked in coffee or wine to soften its crunchy exterior.

At Cave Vineyard, guests are encouraged to do the same with the winery’s 12 or so flavors of made-from-scratch biscotti, which Oliver and her mother bake fresh each week.

Spring flavors include dark cherry and dark chocolate; goat cheese and herbes de Ste. Genevieve; and Grandma’s Almond, the best-selling flavor made with Oliver’s grandmother’s recipe.

Oliver says the winery’s Chambourcin pairs well with all of the aforementioned flavors, while its white unoaked Bianco Secco made with Chardonel grapes complements the strawberry-pistachio biscotti made with fresh strawberries.

Cave Vineyard, 21124 Cave Road, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, 573.543.5284,