Salsa Rose

Salsa Rose was named after the owners' daughter.

When James and Hope Reinneck’s daughter was born two months premature in 2008, James went to the family garden to destress. He ended up making a salsa that he brought back to the nurses, who responded in a way neither he nor Hope were expecting. “The nurses loved it and said, ‘Mr. Reinneck, we really think you should try and get this in the grocery store, because it’s that good,’” Hope says.

Today, Reinneck Ranch Salsa Rose, named after the Reinnecks’ now 8-year-old daughter, is sold in more than 300 locations and 12 states. James likes to describe the salsa as “a little sweet with a little heat that gets you at the end.” Word about Salsa Rose has reached the public primarily through demonstrations and tastings the Reinnecks have held at grocery stores. “I just love hearing people say they’ve never tasted anything like Salsa Rose before,” James says. “Once we put it out there, it has really been a dream come true for us to see how much people like our product. The support has just been awesome. We can’t be thankful enough.” Salsa Rose is available in hot and mild and sold in 16- and 32-ounce jars.

Reinneck Ranch,

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