PlantLink Soil Moisture Sensor

PlantLink brings a 21st-century approach to gardening: Using its technology, you can monitor your herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers and more to make sure they’re getting enough water. Simply identify the plant in the app and place the sensors in the soil – the battery lasts a year – and it will tell you via text, email or push notification when the plant needs water. You can even add a PlantLink valve to your hose to water your vegetable garden when you’re not home.

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The Swag Produce Bag

It’s peak season for fresh produce. Unfortunately, that can often mean delicious items from the farmers’ market go bad before you have a chance to use everything. The Swag Produce Bag helps extend the life of your fruits, vegetables and herbs naturally using three different layers of unbleached cotton. The middle layer absorbs and holds water, drawing moisture away from produce that would otherwise cause it to rot faster. Grab the bag in three different storage sizes or a large grocery-sized bag.

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