Riedel Vinum Extreme Rosé Provence Glass

As we head into rosé season, Riedel has a new glass sure to enhance your sips. The glass was specifically designed to highlight rosé’s earthy minerality and fruity aroma, and the diamond-shaped bowl is ideal for younger wines. The shape also provides a wide surface area, which increases alcohol evaporation to intensify the wine’s aroma and

remove astringency. Riedel also makes glasses specifically designed for two Missouri varietals: Norton and Vignoles.

For more information or to purchase a set of the glasses, visit riedel.com.

The Oak Bottle

The Oak Bottle is a must-have for oenophiles wanting to experiment with aging their own wines and spirits at home. Take an inexpensive Chardonnay or whiskey and age it quickly; the Oak Bottle accelerates the oaking process and imparts a range of available flavors, from smoke, coffee and bourbon to citrus, chocolate or cherry. It’s available in three different sizes, and you can add custom engravings.

For more information or to purchase the bottle, visit oakbottle.com.

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