Dreamfarm Levoons

Holiday baking can be tricky. You can’t eyeball ingredients; that perfect pie crust is going to need a precise amount of flour. Enter Dreamfarm’s Levoons. (The name is an amalgam of level spoons.) After you’ve scooped up flour, spices or sugar, just squeeze the handle, and the scraper will swipe across and level the spoon’s contents for a perfect measurement. The set of four spoons comes in standard teaspoon and tablespoon measurements, nest for easy storage and snap apart for easy cleaning.

To learn more or to purchase the Levoons, visit dreamfarm.com.

Progressive Pumpkin Scoop 

Throw out that novelty jack-o’-lantern pumpkin scoop, and swap it for this sleek version from Progressive. Scoop and scrape seeds and pulp out of pumpkins, squash, melons and more. The stainless steel handle is easy for kids to grip, too, and it’s dishwasher safe.

To learn more or to purchase the scoop, visit culinarysupplies.org.

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