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Mousseline is the simplest of the five types of forcemeats, which also include sausages, terrines, pâtés and roulades.

Lychees bring a delicate sweetness to these handmade marshmallows. Eat them like candy or make grown-up s’mores with your favorite chocolate and chocolate graham crackers.

This easy-to-follow recipe is a sweet frozen version of a classic cocktail.

Serve it just as you would a summer salad – lightly dressed, topped with some greens and paired with a refreshingly crisp sparkling rosé.

Serve this just as you would a summer salad – lightly dressed, topped with some greens and paired with a refreshingly crisp sparkling rosé.

Chef Josh Galliano’s stuffed artichokes are representative of the Creole-Italian hybrid style that developed in New Orleans due to immigration and migration.

Served simply with a bagel and cream cheese, used in a salad, or diced for tartare, this salt-cured salmon requires very little active time and will keep in your refrigerator for weeks.

Empanadas are a great Mexican treat, served warm or cold as an appetizer. This four-part recipe is fun to make with friends. Give everyone a task, and it becomes a social affair.

For the most interesting selection, offer a range of flavors, milks and textures. 

The last thing you need while you're chopping and roasting and stirring and slicing on Thanksgiving Day is a bunch of people asking you for a …

Caprese salad is a classic for a reason; it's also easily customizable. Try this cute update that makes your salad into a faux Napoleon.

This appetizer is perfect for a summertime soiree. Serve it with Blood Orange and Smoked Paprika Sauce.

Made in the style of an Italian Taleggio, this washed-rind goat cheese from Baetje Farms has a wonderful earthy richness, without the tell-tale goat "musk" that many dislike. Paired with naturally sweet honeycomb from Joy Stinger's bees and fresh, late season pears, this combination will leave your palate satiated with a final sweet and salty balance. Find these products at various local farmer's markets.

Malanga is a brown root found mainly in tropical areas, including Cuba and Puerto Rico. It is usually ground into a paste which can be used to make rich starchy flour or an assortment of foods. It can be found locally in the South Grand neighborhood at Jay International Food Co., 3172 S. Grand Blvd.

Most people think making pâté at home takes hours of time, specialty equipment and superlative culinary knowledge. However, you can do it in your own kitchen with the equipment you already have and with ingredients you can find at any grocery store.