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Feast 5: 2nd Shift Brewing's Candyce Fritsch talks vegan dip, olive oil and a love of black licorice

Candyce Fritsch

Creative director Candyce Fritsch enjoys utilizing her artistic abilities at 2nd Shift Brewing. 

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Candyce Fritsch, the new creative director of 2nd Shift Brewing, is bringing her artistic skills to the world of beer.

Fritsch has a degree in graphic design and worked in California for 20 years before coming to St. Louis. She is also a newcomer to the beer industry but has adapted quickly.

“Everything I learned has kind of just been on the fly,” she says.

As creative director, she manages the brewery’s social media and designs the packaging and labels for beer.

“Being a working artist is difficult; doing things that you like and being paid to do them,” she says. “So I just have that luxury of creating art that I like and that I’m proud of.”  

Here, Fritsch dishes on the St. Louis food scene and shares her love of a despised candy.

What’s the best thing you’ve ordered at a local bar or restaurant recently? I went to Tree House for dinner and got the fundido dip. The server kind of urged me into getting it, and that is the most impressed I’ve been by food in a while. Tree House is vegan, and the meat/cheese replica isn't always comparable to the ‘real’ thing, but it was beef, cheesy, and then they have chopped tomatoes and onions on it and just serve it with tortilla chips. It’s like something you would get in a Crockpot at a Super Bowl party. Just like comfort.

What’s the best style of pizza? My favorite pizza place here is Melo’s in Benton Park. It’s like a medium crust. The ingredients are very fresh. It seems like they don’t come out of a can. And the crust they’ve developed is like magic. The crust alone is so good. A little too many toppings. A little too much sauce. But in the most perfect way.

What’s your favorite food memory? I’m thinking about my childhood. I’m really close to my aunt and she would make us this banana split cake that was just whipped cream and cherries and bananas and some kind of buttered crust, graham cracker thing. And for my birthday she would have make me a separate one because I just needed it.

What ingredient do you think everyone should keep at home and why? High-quality olive oil, because it makes everything better. Too much in your eggs and it’s still just so good.

What’s your most controversial food opinion? Black licorice is my favorite candy. I tried to deny it for so long. I really liked Starbursts, but not as much as I liked black licorice. Several Easters ago, I’m picking out all the black jellybeans and throwing the rest away. I’m that person. I like black licorice more than I like any other candy.

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