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Full of flavor thanks to the Moroccan-inspired spice blend, this recipe earns even more accolades because the butternut squash won’t oxidize and thwart your effort to bring color to your Thanksgiving table.

This salad is super refreshing, but only if you can get the fennel paper-thin and nearly translucent – using a mandoline slicer is a must.

Here, the watercress is a supporting actor, adding peppery crunch to hits of earthy beet, sour grapefruit and creamy burrata.

These days mushrooms are available almost year-round, but there’s still something gratifying about digging into a warm mushroom dish when the heat breaks and the leaves begin to fall.

Lemon juice and hints of mint make this light, finely chopped salad refreshing and packed with flavor.

This fattoush has a creamier Caesar-style dressing that pairs with the brightness of mint and the spiciness of jalapeño.


For thousands of years, pulses have been essential to cooking traditions from Asia to the Middle East to the Mediterranean — and you’re probably eating them too, even if you don’t realize it. If you’ve had hummus or black bean soup, you’ve had pulses: the dried seed that comes from the pod o…

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