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    Serve hand-pulled noodles hot in soups, with vegetables and meat, or served cold with cucumbers, chicken and a light sweet-and-spicy sauce.

    Celebrate Midwestern spring the Italian way with a combination of caramelized morels and made-from-scratch pasta.

    Assembling the classic casserole is straightforward, but if you get creative with the fillings, the possibilities are endless. 

    One of a multitude of filled pastas, agnolotti originated in the Piedmont region of Italy and is named for the priest's cap it resembles.

    Once you form pasta into sheets, there are only a few techniques and guidelines to remember for stuffed pasta. Get them here, along with Stellina chef Jamey Tochtrop's tips for pairing flavored doughs with tasty fillings and two recipes!

    With time, know-how and a few basic ingredients, you can make fresh pasta at home. Stellina chef Jamey Tochtrop spent four months developing this highly versatile recipe, and it has remained unchanged for 10 years. Get the recipe, which has never been published before, plus online-extra tips for making a better pasta and flavored variations!

    Colatura is made with the simplest of ingredients, using a time-honored, traditional method. Try it out in this Spaghetti Aglio e Olio recipe by Mark Sanfilippo of Salume Beddu.


    If there’s ever a season to eat more berries, it’s this one: The summer months see the fruits at their ripest, juiciest best. Berries’ vibrant colors are clues to the phytochemicals they hold — and the richer the color, the more they contain. “Phytochemicals are found in many fruits and vege…