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    Think sangria is just for the summer? This fall cocktail recipe shows the versatility of the beloved Spanish drink. 

      Sweet, sour, bitter and herbal all at once, the recipe makes a short drink, but you can easily add soda water for a longer-lasting, highball-style cocktail.

        This simple highball cocktail combines a watermelon-lemongrass sparkling CBD water, an overnight infusion of pineapple rum and flavors from a classic tropical cocktail with honey, lime and peach. 

          This low-alcohol hot cocktail spotlights any amaro you want.

          Bursting with cranberry flavor and extra fizz, this nonalcoholic drink fits into any holiday celebration.

          This icy cocktail features J. Rieger & Co. Caffè Amaro and Kansas City Whiskey, coconut cream and pineapple.

          Packed with antioxidants, elderberries make a bright, acidic juice – think pomegranate meets blackberry or blueberry – but regional farmers also harvest the berries for jams and syrups.

          A simple butterfly pea flower infusion gives this floral yet tart cocktail a magical appearance.

          Similar to a cocktail shaken with an egg white, this citrus curd sour has a silky and frothy texture for your drinking pleasure.

          Made with pandan-infused coconut cream, ginger liqueur and soju, this riff on the classic Painkiller tastes almost like a Piña Colada.


          For thousands of years, pulses have been essential to cooking traditions from Asia to the Middle East to the Mediterranean — and you’re probably eating them too, even if you don’t realize it. If you’ve had hummus or black bean soup, you’ve had pulses: the dried seed that comes from the pod o…

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