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These cupcakes feature caramelized cake with intense notes of coffee and a drizzle of sauce that combines sweetened condensed milk and more coffee.

A cross between giant, light-as-air donut holes and tender, spiced cake, these heavenly puffs are blanketed in cinnamon sugar.

This vegan spin on the classic dessert is light, simple and works with whatever berries you have on hand .

This indulgent yet relatively healthy recipe is packed with festive yet nutritious ingredients, including figs, pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs and millet.

Similar to fruit jellies, these French confections feature a dual layer of tart cranberry and sweet pear for a complex and complete flavor

True to its name, vinegar pie, one type of desperation pie, uses apple cider vinegar instead of citrus fruit to add a touch of acid to each slice and balance out the sweetness of the rich custard filling.

Sweet sorghum syrup, a staple of High South cuisine, adds a nutty yet sweet layer of flavor to morning biscuits, cakes, glazes and, of course, these popcorn balls.


The dairy section can be downright overwhelming, brimming with choices of milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, dips, desserts and more. But if you’re looking for a way to make healthier decisions at the grocery store, opting for low-fat and low-sugar dairy products is a fine place to start, says…

The United States is a country of voracious meat eaters. In 2020, the average American consumed an estimated 264 pounds of meat, far more than citizens of almost every other nation. So naturally the idea of pivoting toward a plant-based diet seems daunting, at least at first. But it doesn’t …