Staying inside amid the COVID-19 pandemic means that many are trying to pass the time, and what better way to spend an afternoon than baking a sweet treat? However, there are so many recipes out there that trying to figure out what to attempt can feel overwhelming.

That's why we put together a list of some of our favorite sweet treats from over the years. Here are some recipes that will make for a great quarantine baking project. 

This pie recipe is featured in our A Cook's Thanksgiving guide. Find the entire dinner menu in the This Month's Feast section of our website. Pair it with Maple Buttered Rum (recipe included here).

This treat is made with a housemade pastry crust, blueberry filling and a simple lemon glaze.

Instead of leaning on Nabisco, the following recipe includes how to make dark chocolate wafer cookies from scratch.

Lemon curd and cream filling round out this delectable centerpiece dessert by cake baker extraordinaire, Tim Brennan of Cravings.

Raspberry cream filling, raspberry gelée and whipped cream frosting round out this sure-to-please centerpiece dessert.

The owners of the popular St. Charles-based bakery Sucrose reveal the recipe behind one of their scrumptious morning treats.

Schnucks Cooks Cooking School manager Gabrielle DeMichele shares a delicious plum tart recipe that's been in her family for more than 50 years.