Sip Savor Celebrate

The arrival of today’s summer solstice means the new season is officially here. Celebrate with these three cocktails, which go hand in hand when sipping by the water or hanging out on a patio with friends on a warm evening.

Feast on St. Louis

Take your pick of the patios: Across St. Louis, you can dine outdoors with sweeping rooftop views of the Mississippi River, amid a beautiful shaded garden at an Irish pub, in between friendly competitions in classic backyard games – and many more.

Today’s family-friendly dining is a lot different than the ball pits and playpens of the past – St. Louis parents want high-quality food in fun environments that also cater to kids.

From a cozy café in Eureka to an intimate, rich Moroccan meal or whimsical dinner and romantic getaway in a new boutique hotel, St. Louis will have you feeling the love on Feb. 14.

Eat Good to Feel Great

Before I had even heard of farm-to-table, I remember my brothers and I riding our bicycles down the dirt roads to pick up fresh honey from our neighbor. We’d race to the chicken house to gather fresh eggs. We’d pile in the pickup to get fresh cream from the dairy farmer down the road for a s…

There is something about summer and sitting on the patio or by a pool that makes me want to sip on something refreshing. If you’re like me, I get bored drinking plain ‘ol water, even though I know all the benefits and that I should be drinking more of it. Luckily, the sparkling water craze h…

Some of my happiest childhood memories involve running through the wheat fields as I played hide and seek with my two brothers on our family farm in Nebraska. As the days grew warmer and the wheat was ready to harvest, I’d hop into my dad’s lap as he drove the combine through the fields. 

In Good Taste

Think of tropical fruits, and coconuts and rambutans might come to mind: They’re gorgeous to look at, yet puzzling to cook with. Tropical fruits are simply those that originate and thrive in hot and humid climates, weather that Missouri is all too familiar with this time of year. Summer is a…

Special Promotions

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The Missouri Craft Distillers Guild was created to bring together our state’s craft distilleries and speak with a unified voice to spread the message that quality and local can go hand in hand. From the northern border to the Bootheel, there are incredible craft distilleries to be found and …