Bōru Asian Eatery bao

Bōru offers a variety of steamed bao with different fillings.

Bōru Asian Eatery, which may sound more familiar to Kansas Citians by its former moniker of Bōru Ramen, offers a wide variety of dishes inspired by countries around Asia. Whether you are craving Japanese gyoza, Thai green curry or Korean fried chicken, Bōru likely has a dish that will please you and everyone in your crew. If you're looking for takeout tonight in Kansas City, we recommend picking up a selection of Chinese steamed bao from Bōru Asian Eatery.

Bōru offers bao with four different filling options. Try the togarashi fried chicken with K-Town slaw; bulgogi with kimchi, scallions and a gochujang sauce; king mushrooms in a sweet soy glaze with Kewpie mayo and sesame; or the pork belly with hoisin mayo, scallions and a quick pickle. Make sure to get at least two, or three if you're feeling particularly peckish – but we won't judge if you order all four. 

Bōru Asian Eatery is offering its menu for curbside pickup, limited dine-in service and delivery through DoorDash and GrubHub. 

Bōru Asian Eatery, 500 W. 75th St., Waldo, Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri, 816.361.9788, summitgrillandbar.com