Ragazza Food & Wine Lasagna

The famous lasagna is perfect for a snowy day. 

Most pasta dishes are comforting, but nothing feels as quite as cozy as a thick slice of lasagna. Layers of pasta sheets with gooey cheese and rich tomato sauce makes for a meal that will make you want to lay down for a winter's nap. And with the amount of winter weather our region has been experiencing, a comforting meal is just what the doctor ordered. If you're looking for takeout in Kansas City tonight, we recommend picking up the signature Lasagna Bolognese from Ragazza Food & Wine

Ragazza is known for its lasagna; after one bite, it's no surprise why. The restaurant uses two different sauces (Bolognese and red sauce) and two different cheeses (mozzarella and a Parmesan béchamel) between all of those pasta sheets. Looking for something to soak up the deliciousness? Order a side of the restaurant's grilled focaccia with Pecorino-black pepper butter for the perfect sauce vehicle. 

Ragazza is offering its menu for carryout and limited dine-in service. 

Ragazza Food & Wine, 4301 Main St., Westport, Kansas City, Missouri, 816.960.4744, ragazzakc.com