The building at 4057 Pennsylvania Avenue has seen a lot of memories. Through the nightlife of the late 90s until just last year, McCoy's operated there as a destination brewpub in Westport, with its prime people-watching patio and award-winning brews.

Now, with a fresh look and updated menu, Mickey's Hideaway is giving new life to the corner of Westport Road and Pennsylvania Avenue. The new concept is brought to Kansas City by the very same duo behind McCoy's as and the BeerKC restaurant group (Beer Kitchen, Char Bar): James Westphal and Mark Kelpe.

"Even people that came here for 22 years walk in and kind of get turned around," Kelpe says. Where once stood a brewery ice house with blacked-out windows now features oversized windows that welcome in views of Westport, and the short ceilings have been open and exposed, making the seating area feel open.

When Westphal and Kelpe decided to reopen, they chose to eliminate the brewery aspect of the business, which made room for a cozy lounge with a pool table and décor like kitschy art inspired by comedian Demetri Martin, a two-story blackened steel fireplace, a 14-foot stuffed blue marlin and an oversized Persian rug.

Don't go to Mickey's expecting the same menu as McCoy's. Instead, you'll find snacks like Fancy Fries with exotic toppings like kimchi, sandwiches with meats like gyro-style lamb, and even lighter options like soups and salads.

But upon a close look, you can still find nods to the old brewpub dispersed throughout the menu. "After two decades, we had so many items on the menu that were what I call 'sacred cows' that we just couldn't take off," Kelpe says. "[McCoy's] menu had become really large with 70 items on it. Opening Mickey's gave me the opportunity to step back and reduce the number of items, but also take the collection of our most popular items and try to tweak them for 2019."

For example, Kelpe and BeerKC corporate chef Michael Peterson created Detroit-style pizzas, which are rectangular with a thick crust to replace the simple-yet-beloved McCoy's pizzas. Each pizza has a unique topping combo, like butternut squash, goat cheese and fried sage. As a riff off McCoy's spinach and artichoke dip, Mickey's serves creamed kale dip with crispy artichokes, Feta and za’atar-spiced pita. And yes, the restaurant still offers its famed burgers and mac n' cheese.

True to the BeerKC brand, Mickey's keeps the alcohol flowing. Mickey's serves 18 beers on tap and nine house cocktails. And with three cocktails that are $5 all day every day, like the passionfruit mojito with white rum, any hour can be happy hour.

Mickey's Hideaway, 4057 Pennsylvania Ave., Westport, Kansas City, 816.469.5001,

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