KC Bier Co. Pilsner

KC Bier Co. has grown into a regional brewery.

KC Bier Co. has officially graduated from a microbrewery to a regional brewery. 

A brewery must produce more than 15,000 barrels of beer each year to be considered a regional brewery by the Brewers Association. In 2019, KC Bier Co. produced 16,526 barrels of beer, a 24 percent increase compared to 2018. 

In 2018, nationwide, only 230 breweries were defined as regional, while 7,116 breweries operate as microbreweries or brew pubs. In the Kansas City area, KC Bier Co. now joins the ranks of Boulevard Brewing Co.

KC Bier Co. founder and managing owner Steve Holle said in a statement that the growth is a testament to the brewery's commitment to brew high-quality and genuine German-style beers. 

"Our mission always has been to brew authentic-tasting German-style beer and deliver it with the same character, flavor and freshness as beer brewed and consumed in Germany," he said. "We're grateful for the consumers, retailers and our distributors who helped us achieve this milestone in only six years even through our distribution area included just one major city, Kansas and western Missouri."

Editor's note: This post has been updated to reflect KC Bier Co.'s updated production numbers. 

KC Bier Co., 310 W. 79th St., Waldo, Kansas City, Missouri, 816.214.8694, kcbier.com