The Bite

The Bite offers a variety of dishes inspired by the chef's Mexican-American heritage. 

The Bite is home to a Mexican-American menu that isn't quite like any of its peers. Alongside sandwiches that feature flavors hailing from not only Mexico but places like Cuba and Korea are several Mexican dishes like tamales and pozole that remind you of the roots of this Kansas City spot. For a full idea of the flavors that The Bite can provide, we recommend picking up a sandwich and one of their sides, particularly the patatas bravas. 

The Bite has a wide selection of sandwiches to fit whatever you are feeling today. Try the Alambre (beef short ribs, charred onions, candied jalapeños, chihuahua cheese, red pepper sauce, cilantro) or the Boss Hog (roasted pork, Korean barbecue sauce, candied jalapeños, sesame slaw) for something spicy. If you're a vegetarian or just observing Meatless Monday, opt for the Toadstool (mushrooms, Chihuahua cheese, charred onions, red pepper sauce, greens) or the Ko-fu (Central Soyfoods smoked tofu, Korean barbecue sauce, pickled onions, cucumber, cilantro).

As for the patatas bravas, these potatoes come with kimchi, green onions, cilantro and a spicy mayo, but you can upgrade to include a fried egg, pork or short ribs for a little extra. If you're not in the mood for potatoes, though, you can opt for a side of sesame slaw or Brussels sprouts with an Old Bay vinaigrette. 

The Bite is offering its menu for pickup and delivery through Postmates. 

The Bite, 23 E. Third St., River Market, Kansas City, Missouri, 816.503.6059,