BeerSauce Shop Products

True to its name, BeerSauce Shop offers craft beer, barbecue sauce and more.

Kansas City is about to get a little more saucy. 

BeerSauce Shop, a St. Louis-based store that, true to its name, specializes in craft beer and specialty sauces, is headed to Kansas City at the end of the year. It will be the fourth location for the local chain, which is opening its third St. Louis-area location in Ballwin, Missouri, in September. 

"We want to bring flavor to every neighborhood in Kansas City," says BeerSauce co-owner Andrew Tessmer. "We really wanna be the place for flavor in Missouri." 

The store will be located at 1219 W. 103rd Street in Kansas City, Missouri, but given its location just off Stateline Road, the new location will ideally serve both western Missouri and eastern Kansas. Much like the existing locations, the Kansas City shop will feature over 100 original sauces from the company, plus local sauces, a wide selection of craft beer and a barbecue sandwich menu. 

"It's going to be almost exactly the same, with maybe one or two menu variances on the food side," Tessmer says. Beer and sauce offerings will also change based on what is distributed locally. 

The Kansas City location of BeerSauce shop is scheduled to open before Christmas in late November or December.

BeeSauce Shop, 1219 W. 103rd St., Kansas City, Missouri,