Town Topic Haystack

The Haystack, a specialty breakfast sandwich, features one over-hard egg, any meat and cheese of your choice layered with crispy hash browns.

One of the hardest dining experiences to recreate at home during the pandemic might just be eating at an old-school diner. It's hard to recreate a smash burger, pancakes or hash browns at home without the classic griddle set up, and it just doesn't feel quite the same without sitting on a counter stool or in a booth with some friends. But, thanks to takeout from Town Topic, one of Kansas City's favorite diners, you can at least enjoy that same diner food in the comfort of your own home. 

The Haystack isn't quite like any other breakfast sandwich. It starts on toast, and you can choose from three different breakfast meats for your protein: sausage, bacon or ham. After adding eggs and a whopping four slices of American cheese, the star of the show gets added: a whole layer of crispy hash browns. The good news is that this sandwich isn't only relegated to breakfast, so you can have it for whatever meal suits you, but it is only available from 5am to 8pm at the downtown location. 

Call your preferred location for pickup and delivery options. The Mission, Kansas, location of Town Topic is currently closed temporarily. 

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