Harvesters Forks on Friday

Harvesters is re-configuring its annual fundraiser in light of the pandemic.

This year, Harvesters is adopting a new approach to its annual Forks and Corks fundraiser.

Instead of gathering supporters at a venue, Harvesters invites diners to visit and support local restaurants on Fri., Aug. 7, for "Forks on Friday." After dining at one or more hospitality partners for the one-day carryout campaign, diners may upload images of their receipts to the Forks and Corks website. Participants will be entered to win one of four prizes, including a trip to Las Vegas and a personal backyard grilling session with American Royal Grand Champ and Plowboys founder-chief pitmaster, Todd Johns.

Participants must upload a receipt proving they purchased food or drink from a participating restaurant or beverage purveyor. Diners may visit multiple Forks on Friday establishments for multiple chances to win. Each receipt may only be entered one time and show Fri., Aug. 7, 2020 as the transaction date. All entries must be made individually at forkscorkskc.com. Participating restaurants and beverage purveyors can be found at the website.

Established in 1997, Forks and Corks is a major fundraiser to support Harvesters’ hunger relief effort. The annual event generates funds to provide more than one million meals. Earlier this year, Harvesters chose to cancel the tasting event given the public safety factors created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are grateful to our partners in the restaurant and beverage industries who have generously gifted their time and talents to our longstanding event,” Harvesters president and CEO Valerie Nicholson-Watson said in a press release. “The dozens of sponsors, community partners and ticket holders who have reallocated their financial support to support our efforts to serve those affected by the pandemic proves that our community can truly rally around something as fantastic as Forks on Friday for the hospitality community. Their example leads the way to a successful ‘carryout campaign’ for all.”

Forks on Friday, forkscorkskc.com