Located in the Crossroads Arts District, Big Mood Natural Wines is a stylish split-level corner shop that sells exclusively natural wine, along with Mexican spirits and Repetition coffee beans.

Boasting a groovy yet approachable vibe created by business partners Richard Garcia and Jamie and Liz Zoeller, the store offers more than 120 bottles of natural wine from all over the world with varying flavors and levels of effervescence.

Currently, no legal definition of natural wine exists, but winemakers generally agree that natural wine is made from grapes that haven’t been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides and contains no additives. Big Mood also ensures that the grapes are handpicked and fermented using native yeasts.

The team encourages questions and conversation so they can find the perfect bottle for every customer, as the experience of drinking a natural wine should be unpredictable, fun and one you’re eager to repeat.

Big Mood Natural Wines, 2020 Baltimore Ave. Suite 102, Crossroads Arts District, Kansas City, Missouri, 816.866.0799, bigmoodnaturalwines.com