Lutfi's plate

A fried fish dinner from Lutfi's in Kansas City

As summer comes to an end, there is a temptation to sneak in a few last meals that celebrate the season. One of the meals that captures summer is a plate of fried fish. Whether you associate it with catching your own to take home or gathering at a weekend fish fry with loved ones, fried fish pairs perfectly with summer. We recommend getting one last taste of the season in Kansas City with a plate of fish of your choice from one of the area's several locations of Lutfi's Fried Fish

Lutfi's offers a few different kinds of fish for its plates: basa (catfish), whiting and tilapia. We like it fried, given that the restaurant's slogan is "the batter makes it better," but you can also get it blackened or steamed for a healthier option. Fish is served in fillet strips, but if you're feeling extra hungry, you can also get a whole bone-in catfish for dinner. Make sure to also pick your sides wisely; collard greens or red beans and rice might help balance the fried fish, but you would also be remiss not to get something more succulent like the mac 'n' cheese or fried okra. 

Even if fish isn't your style, Lutfi's has an option for you. Land-lovers can go for a burger, chicken strips or the other non-fish specialty at Lutfi's: smoked wings. 

Lutfi's is offering its menu for takeout and delivery. 

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