Although Michael and Christina Corvino had hoped to open their new fast-casual outdoor lunch counter, Ravenous, over the summer, unforeseen construction and permitting delays (as they so often do) nixed that plan. But the James Beard-nominated chef didn’t want to wait for Ravenous’ official spring debut to start serving up his new casual lunch menu, which features his beloved burger plus new items like a fried chicken sandwich, mushroom sandwich and hand pies, among other offerings.

Beginning this week, the Corvinos and their staff are making Ravenous’ menu available for weekday lunch (11am to 2pm) for both takeout and delivery from Corvino Supper Club and Tasting Room, which is adjacent to Ravenous’ future space at 19th and Main Streets. Customers can visit and place their orders, which will either be delivered via DoorDash, or will be available to pick up at the host stand in the Supper Club.

Michael's menu obviously veers from what he offers in the Supper Club and Tasting Room, but while it is casual fare, it still features the high-quality ingredients, refined techniques and great flavor that have made him one of Kansas City’s brightest talents. Starting with the much-celebrated cheeseburger first featured in the Supper Club, Ravenous also features whole and half fried chickens, as well as a fried chicken sandwich, served with butter lettuce and chile butter on a pillowy housemade sesame bun. The mushroom sandwich, an item inspired by Christina's request for a vegetarian version of the burger with just as much flavor, is made with seared slices of king trumpet mushrooms pressed into a hunk of Muenster cheese. That cheese is fried on a flattop grill so that one side is crispy, while the other side remains gooey and melty – the resulting mushroom patty is placed on a bun with housemade pickles. A rock shrimp sandwich, accompanied with miso and black sesame, is also available (sandwiches are $7-9, fried chicken is $15-$30 for a half or whole bird). 

Ravenous also offers several sides, including fries and tots. Although the fries differ from those offered in the Supper Club (Corvino says that since the Supper Club’s fries are very labor intensive, taking two days to make, that they would not work for a higher-volume environment), they still are packed with flavor, and are seasoned with Corvino’s proprietary blend of spices. Fries are available traditional-style (undressed) or topped with Bolognese sauce and Parmesan cheese (basically exquisite chili fries), while tots are available undressed or with chile butter. Two salads are also on offer, including an avocado-carrot salad, similar to a dish that was served in the Supper Club for several months, featuring hot and tart peppers along with fresh mint, as well as a creamy broccoli salad with tofu, salsa macha, lime and puffed barley (sides $3-$6).

On the sweet side, Ravenous comes to the game with housemade chocolate and vanilla malts, a black truffle “cookies and cream” malt, and even malted vanilla ice cream. Corvino is also proud of his fried hand pies, which are available in two varieties: peach with miso and yuzu (dipped in cinnamon sugar), and blueberry with basil and cream icing (malts and pies, $6 or $20 for the black truffle malt).

“This is a really happy day for Michael,” says Christina of being able to finally cook and serve Ravenous’ menu. “He just loves this food.”

The Corvinos are planning to use this winter to see how customers respond to the menu. A few new items, including a grain bowl, are under development and will be available once Ravenous officially debuts in the spring. Canned wine and beer and bottled cocktails will also be available in the outdoor space. But until then, customers can get their Ravenous fix delivered right to their doors.

Customers can order from Ravenous by visiting Monday through Friday from 11am to 2pm.

Ravenous at Corvino Supper Club and Tasting Room, 1828 Walnut St., Crossroads Arts District, Kansas City, Missouri, 816.832.4564,

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