Arthur Bryant's burnt ends

Arthur Bryant's burnt ends are a Kansas City classic.

There is no Kansas City dish quite as iconic at burnt ends, and you'd be remiss not to track them down at the restaurant that made them part of the city's food history. First dubbed "burned edges" by a Playboy article that put the dish on the national map, these crispy tips of smoked beef brisket make for a flavorful dish that can now be found at barbecue joints throughout Kansas City. But if you're looking to pick some up today, we recommend ordering from the place that made them famous: Arthur Bryant's Barbeque.

You have a couple of different ways to order burnt ends at Arthur Bryant's. You can go for an open-faced sandwich or order your meat by the pound (but sides, such as fries, onion rings, baked beans and coleslaw, are discounted when you order them with a sandwich). You'll also find several smoked meats including turkey, sausage, ham, beef and sliced pork. 

Arthur Bryant's barbecue is offering its menu for carryout and limited dine-in service. 

Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque, 1727 Brooklyn Ave., Kansas City, Missouri,