The Pairing Vegan Turkey

The Pairing is offering vegan and vegetarian holiday meals from Herbivorous Butcher.

The Pairing Crossroads Wine and Grocer now provides vegans and vegetarians with a convenient option to stock the holiday table with plant-based meat alternatives.

From Dec. 1 to 13, customers can pre-order meatless ham, stuffed turkey and gluten-free meatloaf from the store. Orders will be delivered by Dec. 23. The Pairing co-owner Mat “Slimm” Adkins sources the specialty foods from Herbivorous Butcher, a Minneapolis-based meat-free butcher that produces plant-based proteins in small batches.

Since opening in late 2019, The Pairing has committed to selling a wide range of high-quality vegan and vegetarian foods. “I’ve always been conscientious about where my food comes from,” says Adkins, a vegetarian off and on for nearly 30 years. When planning the concept for The Pairing, featuring meat-free foods and pantry items was a natural decision.

The grocery section is stocked with plant-based short rib, filet mignon, deli turkey, vegan cheeses and dairy alternatives from Cashew Creamery, vegan jerky and other products suitable for meat-free diets. Prepared by team member Rey Rodriguez, The Pairing’s stunning vegan charcuterie board is comparable to high-end meat-based versions available throughout the city. Rodriguez makes several foods in-house for the board, such as pickled cantaloupe and jams. “Since charcuterie was going to be a staple here, I wanted a vegan/vegetarian version but wanted to do it right and make it special,” Adkins says.

Adkins’ search for high-quality plant-based products led him to Herbivorous Butcher, a staple supplier of meat-free foods stocked at The Pairing. “Herbivorous was a huge piece of the puzzle,” he says. “I could branch out with more options that were the best quality possible.”

Expanding to meatless entrees for the holiday season was just a natural extension of what The Pairing already offers. “We want to be a one-stop shop for the holidays and entertaining,” Adkins says. “We have a wide selection of vegan foods, dessert, beer, wine and spirits. I love supporting the local maker community and vegan community as a local retailer. I try to put goods on shelves that you won’t find elsewhere.”

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