KC Daiquiri Shop Daiquiri

Pick up a cup or jug in the flavor of your choice, or opt for a layered Daiquiri, to which you can add all nine of the core flavors if you want.

If you haven't heard, Kansas City is in the midst of the inaugural Midwest Black Restaurant Week, which is dedicated to highlighting some of the city's best Black-owned food businesses. While you should be inclined to patronize these restaurants any time of the year, this week is a great excuse to discover some new spots. And if you're looking to pick up dinner dinner along with something to imbibe in the comfort of your own home, we recommend getting takeout from KC Daiquiri Shop tonight. 

While the restaurant's Cajun menu shines, the Daiquiris are the real star of the show. You can take them home in a variety of flavors – Bomb Pop, Bourbon Blue and Bahama Mama are just a few of the options – in whatever size you desire. Go for the 16 ounce for an individual serving, the 24 ounce to have a little more fun, or go all in with a quarter, half or full gallon of your choice of frozen cocktail. 

Since you need to buy $1 worth of food to be able to pick up a Daiquiri anyway, why not go all in and enjoy something off the Cajun-inspired menu? Pair your Daiquiri with some wings, blackened shrimp, gumbo or red beans and rice. Close your eyes and you might be able to pretend you're down in New Orleans. 

KC Daiquiri Shop, 1116 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, Missouri, 816.974.3275, kcdaiquirishop.com