In Kansas City, The Fix is satisfying cravings for people who follow plant-based diets as well as those looking for a new place to help balance their meat-to-veg ratio.

This January, owner Dave Swarts opened The Fix on 31st Street in the former Attitude restaurant space in Midtown. By February, he was enjoying lines out the door for his plant-based brunch specials.

By March, he closed his dining room to guests due to the coronavirus and moved to serving veggie take-and-bake meals on Monday and Tuesday from 9am to 2pm, while offering his regular menu Wednesday through Sunday from 10am to 7pm.

As the executive director for the nonprofit VegLifeKC as well as the producer for VegFest Kansas City, Swarts says he was looking to create a place where people could find a delicious meal no matter their eating preferences.

Not into the labels that come with being strictly vegan or vegetarian, Swarts says his own preference for plant-based eating comes from his love of animals and his advocacy against animal cruelty.

“Eating plants instead of animals came naturally for me after I realized how poorly most of the animals in our food system are treated,” he says. “I wanted to create more awareness around the benefits of eating more vegetables, and I thought creating a place where people could enjoy all of their favorite comfort foods made from vegetables instead of meat could create a jumping off point, or a place for people to start who may be interested in trying to eat more vegetables more often.”

He chose the name The Fix after seeing the word “drugs” spelled out in the tile in the entryway into his restaurant. “Good plant-based food can be the fix for a lot of things, and I was thinking about my plant-based food as being the cure,” he says.

Swarts has a day job in the commercial real estate business and also handles much of the baking at The Fix. But as a first-time restaurateur, he was fortunate to have found deep culinary bench strength to help him run the kitchen.

“I found these three amazing chefs who have the ability to do what they want here,” he says. “None of them are vegan or vegetarian, but they all have experience cooking a wide variety of international cuisines, which is why our brunch menu features incredible plant-based Mexican and Italian dishes, and a pad Thai so good that you would never miss the meat.”

The most popular menu items at The Fix are the biscuits and gravy, French toast, pan-fried vegetable dumplings and nachos. You can also always find an Impossible burger or Beyond Meat burger on the menu. The heat-and-eat carryout meals vary each week; recent options included steamed bao buns, pizza, tamales and burritos. Sweets are made by Swarts and include plant-based cookies, donuts and even a lemon meringue pie with a dark chocolate cookie crust.

To place a carryout order from The Fix, call or text your order to 913.221.1755 and you'll pay at pickup. Each order is made fresh, so expect a 15 to 30 minute turnaround. To see the restaurant's latest menu offerings, visit The Fix's Instagram page.

Swarts is grateful to have the loyal following he does for The Fix. “All of my neighbors have been affected by this crisis, and yet everyone has been so supportive and gracious to us. I am thankful for that,” he says.

The Fix, 600 E. 31st St., Midtown, Kansas City, Missouri, 913.221.1755,