Zaid Consuegra Sauza and Lydia Palma opened Pirate’s Bone Burgers in the Crossroads this fall, delighting customers with eye-catching plant-based burgers served on their signature activated-charcoal black buns. The bright and cheery space currently seats 25 at a turquoise counter, but there’s room for the pair to expand into a larger diner, which would still be 100-percent vegan.

Besides the popular burgers – with patties made from grilled beets, black beans and carrots and Beyond Meat for a more traditional texture – the Sriracha Chix, featuring a Sriracha-spiced “chicken” patty topped with guacamole, greens and vegan cheese on a buttered bun, is a runaway hit.

With nothing on the menu more than $5, Consuegra and Palma hope to make plant-based eating accessible to everyone.

Pirate's Bone Burgers, 2000 Main St., Crossroads Arts District, Kansas City, Missouri, 816.605.1014,

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