Strang Hall is versatile – the recently-opened 13,500-square-foot culinary destination has all the ingredients for the right lunch or dinner spot, no matter the occasion.

The food hall, which opened in downtown Overland Park, Kansas, in December, features open seating with natural light that floods in, as well as a coffee shop. Toward the back of the space lies a bar, serving as a place to unwind after a busy day with local craft beers or a cocktail. Walk on in a little further and you'll find a cozy nook with wood-paneled walls and a rustic table that's big enough to fit your group of friends and split a pizza.

"We have a very fun and interactive guest experience," says Spencer Knipper, Strang Hall's general manager and former executive chef at Gram & Dun. "It's perfect for families as well. Dad can have his beer and Mom can have her wine, and we have tons of kid options."

And, perhaps most importantly, Strang Hall houses six individual chef-owned restaurants, so no matter who you're dining with, everyone can find something to satisfy their craving.

The lineup at Strang Hall includes:

● Basabasa by chef Jon Ponzer: Basabasa's menu centers around fried chicken, but it is far from run-of-the-mill. Here, Ponzer merges this traditional Southern comfort food with Asian flavors in offerings like the crispy chicken sandwich with shaved Napa cabbage and sweet pickled cucumber.

● Anousone by chef Anourom Thompson: At Anousone, Southeast Asian comfort food comes artfully plated. The menu represents a fusion of Lao and Thai cuisines with entrées like the bánh mì with fresh, flavorful julienned cucumber, carrots, cilantro and jalapeños, rounded out with a foie gras spread and spiced aïoli sauce.

● Nida by chef Remy Ayesh: This concept by Ayesh pushes the boundaries of the traditional street taco. Think unexpected combos in one shell, like a crispy eggplant taco with seared cheese, tomatillo-tahini sauce and pickled chiles.

● Norcini by chef Chad Tillman: Named after a region in central Italy, Norcini pays homage to the traveling butchers who once traversed those rolling hills. Here, Tillman offers authentic Italian pizza with rotating seasonal meats. He takes the dough-making processing seriously with a 72-hour cold fermentation.

● Solstice by chef Erin Bassett: Solstice offers seasonal foods with an emphasis on nutrition. On the menu, you can find hearty bowls with grains like quinoa or basmati rice, produce like fennel, and proteins such as chicken or tofu.

● Fond by chef Mark Dandurand: At Fond, the familiar meets the unexpected. At first glance, Fond's menu seems like classic American food with dishes like salmon or a patty melt. But look a little closer, and you'll see that the salmon rests on a bed of carrot puree and comes with smoked chile grits and almond crumb, and local beef and savory French onions elevate the patty melt.

"When you get so many talented chefs in one open space, creativity runs wild," says Strang Hall founder Tim Barton. "I visit with our chefs a lot, and you can just see their happiness. As a customer, you even get to interact with them and watch them work."

Strang Hall, 7301 W 80th St., Overland Park, Kansas,