Long Lost Cold Brew Coffee

Long Lost Cold Brew offers three options for home delivery.

Johnny Eastlund and Jacq Adamson both love cold-brew coffee, but had trouble finding a brand on the market that they really liked, as many had a bitter taste that the pair agreed tarnished the enjoyment of the experience.

With that in mind, the two partners set out to create their own blend, but never seemed to have enough time to dig into the details. When COVID-19 hit, however, the quarantine created the space and opportunity for them to research, test and launch Long Lost Cold Brew

The two partners decided to name their product Long Lost Cold Brew because they felt like they had long been searching for the perfect cup of cold brew. And just when they were about to give up hope, they decided to make it themselves.

“We both knew the flavor profile we were after, and our goal was to create the perfect cup of cold brew every time – one that was smooth to drink, made with freshly roasted coffee beans and packaged to stay fresh,” says Eastlund.

To research their coffee bean options, they worked with local wholesale bean wranglers and roasters Marcell Coffee for several weeks before landing on a Colombian bean that comes from family-owned farms in the Nariño region. “It has a darker roast for a deeper, chocolatey flavor and fuller mouthfeel,” says Eastlund.

For the brewing process itself, they steep the freshly roasted and ground beans in filtered water that has gone through a proprietary process that cuts out most of the acidity that leads to bitter coffee. What's left is a smooth, rich flavor that has become Long Lost Cold Brew’s calling card.

Packaging for their cold brew was also an important consideration. For that, they came up with a plastic pouch with a pour spout on it that is filled with cold brew and then encased in a cardboard box to keep the light from getting in. The entire cold-brew box and bag are recyclable and sized to sit on the shelf in any standard refrigerator. This packaging is what allows the cold brew to stay fresh in your fridge for at least two weeks, and possibly longer.

Customers have three home-delivery options when ordering from the Long Lost website: The Intro, The Solo and The Duet. Each box is $35 and contains 3 liters of cold brew, which makes 14 7-ounce pours. The Intro is a one-time delivery for those wanting to test it out, while The Solo is delivered to your home or office every two weeks and The Duet comes every week.

The decision to make Long Lost Cold Brew a home delivery product was partially due to the pandemic, but it has also created a touch point for these new entrepreneurs to do a little market research, allowing them to determine what area of the metro is most interested in their product.

“We wanted to make sure our cold brew got into people’s hands as fast as it was brewed to ensure freshness, and home delivery was the easiest way to ensure that,” says Eastlund.

As they start to explore the wholesale part of their business, Eastlund and Adamson are currently working with a handful of select restaurants, like Billie's Grocery which carries their cold-brew boxes.

Moving forward, Eastlund and Adamson will both continue to work together on developing the brand while expanding their reach and distribution of Long Lost Cold Brew, with Adamson working in the business full-time, and Eastlund assisting nights and weekends. 

Now that Long Lost is up and running, Eastlund and Adamson hope to convert other cold-brew coffee-lovers to their cause.

Long Lost Cold Brew, longlostcoldbrew.com