Street taco fans, take note: You don't need to traverse Southwest Boulevard to get your fix. Taco Cacao, the food trailer sister-site to Cacao Restaurante, calls the area of 79th and Wornall home, and they're serving up a "greatest hits" menu of street tacos and burritos from several different regions around Mexico.

Alfonso Esqueda, one of Taco Cacao's owners, explains that they picked the location in part due to the Waldo community's food culture. "The people in Waldo were some of our best customers at Cacao Restaurante," Esqueda says. "We knew we'd have a built-in base already, and [we] were hoping that word of mouth would get around quickly." He was right, as Taco Cacao is already hopping, despite only being open for a few months.

Another part of the location search was proximity to Cacao Restaurante, located at 103rd and State Line. Even though the Taco Cacao menu is simplified from its sister location, most of the food prep is still done at the restaurant and then transported. However, finishing touches are done in the truck with each order. Most of Taco Cacao's customers are getting takeaway options, but the semi-permanent spot on Wornall has allowed them to set out a few tables if you can't wait to get to your destination before digging in.

Rather than choose a style of cuisine from a singular region of Mexico, Esqueda says their approach was to cherry pick the best tacos and burritos from various areas and bring them all together under one roof. Tacos are made with corn tortillas and burritos with flour, but you can otherwise order any of the meats or vegetarian options on either. Of course, you can also start customizing things with your sides and salsas of choice. "We try not to ramp up the heat too much unless you want us to," Esqueda says. "But we can definitely do it. Our chile de arbol salsa should be able to bring the fire if that's what you want."

You can't go wrong with any of the options, but Esqueda says a great place to begin is with Taco Cacao's birria. It's a slow cooked beef, simmered in spices until melt-in-your-mouth tender with a deep, complex flavor profile. The street tacos are generally finished off with a few simple toppings and a salsa to let the star of the dish shine – perfect for trying several in a single sitting. One you've found your favorite, the burritos are a bit more substantial and filled to bursting.

Taco Cacao also has pre-made family packs, both of tacos and burritos, which come with rice, beans and a few extra toppings. These orders will net you more than enough to feed a group without a lot of hassle, and are a low-stress way to make bulk ordering simple. Even though Taco Cacao is generally housed in one location, it is still a mobile unit, and Esqueda encourages anyone interested in booking the truck to get in touch.

Esqueda is extremely happy with how quickly the taqueria-on-wheels had developed a following. "Our guests have been incredible," he says. "We can't wait to bring you these great tastes for years to come."

Taco Cacao, 7927 Wornall Road, Waldo, Kansas City, Missouri,