Zaid Consuegra, Pirate's Bone

Zaid Consuegra has mastered the art of doing a lot with a little. He opened Pirate’s Bone in Kansas City almost five years ago with a budget of just $2,000. He bought his first espresso machine at a garage sale, and the original iteration of the coffee menu had just five items. Since then, the shop has evolved into a casual breakfast and lunch spot, and the menu – from coffee to entrées – is entirely plant-based. Born in Mexico City, Consuegra takes inspiration for much of his menu from Latin American food and drink. His proudest creation is the veggie burger, with a patty made from beets and oats on an activated charcoal bun; it’s the most popular menu item at Pirate’s Bone and one that Consuegra is looking forward to serving to a broader audience when he eventually opens a full restaurant. (Photo by Teresa Floyd)

Pirate's Bone, 645 E. 59th St.,, East Brookside, Kansas City, Missouri, 816.287.1433,