Flame of Love

Oddly, Martin’s signature cocktail doesn’t contain scotch. The Flame of Love was created especially for Martin at Chasen’s, a West Hollywood restaurant frequented by entertainers, and he was known to imbibe them on a regular basis. This is an extremely dry cocktail that’s a real kick in the head.

Serves | 1 |

  • ¼ oz fino sherry
  • 1 orange peel
  • 2 oz vodka (or substitute gin, if you prefer)

| Preparation | In a chilled Martini glass, add sherry, and swirl to coat entire inside. Discard excess. Using a lighter, express oil from orange peel into glass, and ignite so the burnt oil sticks to the inside of the sherry-coated glass. Shake vodka with ice, and strain into prepared glass.