Foeder Crafters of America Relocates and Expands

It’s hard to believe that Foeder Crafters of America will only be celebrating its fifth anniversary next year; in just four short years, the St. Louis-based company has become the premier manufacturer of foeders (pronounced foo-ders) in the U.S. The company was the first – and remains the only – foeder producer in America, getting its start locally with breweries like Side Project Brewing and Perennial Artisan Ales. The massive oak fermentation tanks serve a vital purpose for brewers by letting oxygen slowly enter the beer, allowing it to mature at a more consistent pace than smaller barrels. In the past year, founder Matt Walters has added or expanded work with local and regional breweries, including 2nd Shift Brewing, Six Mile Bridge Beer and Martin City Brewing Co. Working with brewers at home and across the country led to a relocation to a larger facility in St. Louis County and new products, including a stainless steel cone fermenting foeder. Walters attributes the company’s growth to the expansion in the craft-beer industry in general. Foeder Crafters recently recruited Becca Senn as its new president; formerly of 2nd Shift, Senn now oversees marketing and client acquisition, allowing Walters to focus on product innovation. (Photo by J. Pollack Photography)

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