Local Farm: Metzger Farms & Fertilizer in Seneca, Kansas

Tamworth is a heritage breed prized for its “red” meat. Originally hailing from the United Kingdom, the hogs’ longer snout makes it a skilled forager, which in turn affects the flavor of the meat; they’re particularly suited for bacon. Tamworths are a bit larger than other heritage breeds and take a bit longer to mature. “Tamworth is more lean than [Berkshire meat] and makes good bacon, good ham – good everything, really,” says Doug Metzger, who began raising the breed in 1961, but then took a break until 2004. Today, he has a herd of about 45 on his farm, Metzger Farms & Fertilizer, in Seneca, Kansas. “They’re a little slower growing, and it costs more to raise them, but you get what you pay for," Metzger says. "Tamworth sure makes good meat.” Tamworths are considered hardy and do well in colder climates.

Metzger Farms distributes through Paradise Locker Meats in Trimble, Missouri. Look for Tamworth products under the Paradise Locker label in and around the Kansas City area. Products can also be purchased online at heritagefoodsusa.com.