Gloucestershire Old Spots

Local Farm: Good Farms in Olsburg, Kansas

Gloucestershire Old Spots are indeed spotted and are known for having a considerable amount of fat. Old Spots began as a peasant breed in England, but today, even Prince Charles has a herd of Old Spots on his Gloucestershire estate. “I’d describe it as fine-textured, delicate meat: It’s not a strong flavor [but rather] a very delicate flavor,” says Craig Good, who, along with his wife, Amy, raises Old Spots at Good Farms in Olsburg, Kansas. “They have a lot of marbling typically, and the fat on the pigs seems to have a creamier texture. [It’s a] very smooth and creamy fat.” Good says Old Spots never reached much popularity because they’re relatively slow-growing; however, they’re now experiencing a rise in demand thanks to a renewed interest in fat-heavy pork products such as charcuterie.

Good Farms’ products can be purchased online at Most products are not sold under the Good Farms label; the farm is one of Heritage Foods’ few suppliers of Gloucestershire Old Spots, Duroc and Tamworth breeds.