Local Farm: Good Farms in Olsburg, Kansas

Duroc hogs are one of the most popular and well-known heritage breeds. They first appeared in the early 1800s in New England, and some historians claim Durocs are descended from either Berkshires or hogs imported from the Guinea coast of Africa. They’re characterized by hardiness and their calm demeanor, as well as quick muscle growth and their dark-orange color. Durocs produce flavorful, well-marbled meat, great for spare ribs and shoulder roasts, and are sometimes compared to Black Angus beef. In Olsburg, Kansas, Craig and Amy Good of Good Farms raise Durocs. “Duroc pigs are a very hearty, robust breed, noted for very good meat quality,” Craig says. “They generally have meaty bellies that have a very good lean-to-fat ratio. There’s also a nice amount of fat with good marbling in the pork chops.”

Good Farms’ products can be purchased online at heritagefoodsusa.com. Most products are not sold under the Good Farms’ label, however, the farm is one of Heritage Foods’ few suppliers of Gloucestershire Old Spots, Duroc and Tamworth.