Lactic-Style: Green Dirt Farm's Tuffet

At Green Dirt Farm in Weston, Missouri, the Tuffet lactic-style cheese is a staff and customer favorite. "We often wax on about how it’s kind of like cheesecake,” laughs owner Sarah Hoffmann. “It has a sweet honey and nectar flavor to it, and saltiness, too. It’s fairly unique – just a lovely flavor that’s almost like bread dough.” That touch of sweetness is thanks to the Geotrichum yeast in the rind. Lactic-style means the curd forms due to lactic acid in the cultures, resulting in a soft, delicate curd that ripens from the outside in. As the Tuffet ages for seven days (after 24 hours of ripening and 48 hours of draining), “it undergoes a ripening process where it gets a lovely, creamy, gooey layer just underneath the rind that progresses toward the center,” Hoffmann says. Head cheesemaker Rachel Kline first made Tuffet while she was a cheesemaker-in-training, and the staff loved it so much, they added it to the regular catalog.

It took several rounds of trial and error before Hoffmann and crew found packaging that could protect the delicate Tuffet during shipping. She estimates Green Dirt made between 1,000 and 2,000 pounds last year, but thanks to the new packaging, it’s poised to produce it in much larger quantities in 2017. (Photo by Jonathan Gayman)

Green Dirt Farm, 19915 Mount Bethel Road, Weston, Missouri, 816.386.2156,