Marrio's Donut Shop

Mica Marriott left corporate America to open her donut shop located at 95th and Antioch last summer. At Marrio's Donut Shop, she serves a full array of donuts, including a healthy sized cinnamon roll, in addition to a full breakfast and lunch menu. Made from scratch in her shop, the cinnamon rolls are individually rolled, making them huge in diameter, but not too tall. Marriott uses a yeast dough that she rolls to medium thickness, filled with cinnamon sugar, that are then baked and frosted with a glaze. These rolls will remind you of the type of cinnamon rolls your grandmother might make, and the good news is they are big enough to share. (Photo courtesy of Marrio's Donut Shop)

Marrio's Donut Shop, 8930 W. 95th St., Overland Park, Kansas, 913.291.1606,