Restaurant of the Year: Guerrilla Street Food

Seven years ago, Joel Crespo and Brian Hardesty hit the streets of St. Louis in their Guerrilla Street Food (GSF) truck serving Filipino-inspired fare. GSF quickly gained a following for dishes both traditional – like lumpia – and creative, like the Flying Pig, with slow-roasted pork sauced with Sriracha, calamansi lime juice and hoisin served over jasmine rice with fried garlic, a slow-cooked egg and black sesame seeds. The success of the truck led to a brick-and-mortar restaurant on South Grand Boulevard in 2015; today, GSF has additional locations in the Delmar Loop and The Grove. You can also grab dishes like tempeh adobo and pancit Guerrilla at GSF’s window at 2nd Shift Brewing on The Hill. (Photo by Emily Teater)

Guerrilla Street Food,

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