Pastry Chef: Katie Kring, B+B Boulangerie & Bakery

We’ve had our eye on Katie Kring, owner and baker at B+B Boulangerie & Bakery, for a while. In recent years, her baking business grew from its humble farmers’ market roots to a brick-and-mortar storefront in Springfield’s picturesque Rountree neighborhood. Today, Kring churns out an extraordinary selection of seasonal baked goods ranging from Mardi Gras-inspired king cakes to classic hand-frosted holiday cookies, plus treats like a caramel-berry tart, apricot toaster strudel and hot-cross buns. She also hosts a variety of cooking classes at the bakery, covering traditional baking techniques for pretzels, breads, cookies and other goodies. (Photo by Brandon Alms)

B+B Boulangerie & Bakery,

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