Slap’s BBQ

A new kid on the block is Slap’s BBQ. Owned and operated by brothers Mike and Joe Pearce, Slap’s (the name is actually an acronym that stands for Squeal Like A Pig) opened in June 2014. The Pearce brothers got their start as a championship competition barbecue team. Slap’s BBQ is one of very few Kansas City barbecue establishments brave enough to operate on the Texas-style business model, which stipulates that the establishment in question cooks as much barbecue as it can each day, and when the barbecue is sold out, the restaurant closes for the day. Slap’s sells out every day, so they’re either making really good barbecue, or they’re not making enough. Most likely both. (Photo courtesy of Slap’s BBQ)

Slap’s BBQ, 553 Central Ave., Kansas City, Kansas, 913.213.3736,