Fish isn’t just flown into the Midwest from coastal sources. Here at home, we produce a number of delicious things aquatic. In this episode, we visit with Nate Hereford, executive chef of Niche Restaurant in Clayton, Missouri, and see how he's working with local caviar and trout. Then, we head to rural Missouri to see freshwater trout raised in cold, clear spring water at Troutdale Farm, which sources fish to the region’s best restaurants. We’ll also stop by Anton’s in Kansas City, where an aquaponic system (in the basement, no less) creates a haven for tilapia and fresh greens and then we head to Osage Beach to see how paddlefish roe is made into world-class caviar. In the kitchen, host Cat Neville fries up some fresh tilapia for crunchy fish tacos with a spicy aioli and fresh cabbage.

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