Donut Shop - Hurts

The Springfield donut shop is getting major buzz from all across the country.

Hurts Donut Co. was voted best donut shop in mid-Missouri in the 2015 Feast 50.

Tim Clegg’s dreams are made of donuts. Co-owner of Hurts Donut in Springfield, Missouri, Clegg spent three years dreaming up the most bizarre and indulgent donuts he could imagine. When Hurts opened in Downtown Springfield in 2013, Clegg began living the dream, slinging fried treats 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“We had no idea what we were getting into,” Clegg says. “The first day we opened, we did more than $2,000 in sales, and it was up 10 percent each day after that.” To keep up with demand, Clegg took his playfully topped donuts on the road and started delivering orders in a tricked-out ambulance dubbed the Hurts Donut Wham-bulance. Today, Clegg commands of fleet of three Wham-bulances in Springfield and one in Wichita, Kansas.

Inside each Wham-bulance, racks of hot donuts are topped with Froot Loops, the marshmallows from Lucky Charms, crushed-up Oreos, salted pretzels, sliced strawberries and even pepperoni. Aside from specialties like the Fire in the Hole, a donut hole filled with jalapeño cream cheese slathered in Sriracha glaze, the real star of the show is the maple-bacon long john.

Clegg sold more than 100,000 last year alone, and word of the salty, sweet behemoth donut has spread beyond Missouri’s borders. “I’ve gotten calls from friends all over the U.S. saying they were in business meetings when someone started talking about how some donut shop in Springfield is serving bacon donuts,” Clegg says.

Even Buzzfeed has a sweet spot for Hurts – in February, the site listed Hurts’ Nutella-filled donut second on its list of 33 Doughnuts You Have To Try Before You Die.

In the same spirit of fun that bore the Wham-bulance, Hurts recently rolled out seasonal “character deliveries,” where a particularly hilarious and theatrical costumed male employee dances his way into businesses and workplaces with donut orders in tow. Videos of these extra-sweet moments went viral, and special deliveries are now booked weeks in advance. Even the selection of characters has grown: You can now have donuts delivered by a singing cowboy, karate-chopping ninjas or a dancing cupid.

All that daydreaming has paid off big for Clegg. In just two years, the small donut shop opened a second location in Norman, Oklahoma, and people in Louisiana, Florida, Iowa, Texas and Nebraska have also expressed interested in opening locations in their hometowns. In late June, the original flagship in Springfield moved to a new location down the street that’s double the size, with plans to convert the former space into a specialty hot dog spot. Hurts also opened its first franchise in Wichita in July so that folks in Kansas can call the Wham-bulance to get their donut fix.

Hurts Donut, 320 Park Central W., Springfield, Missouri, 417.300.6106,

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